Crossin Dixon delivers the goods at the Beechwood

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Crossin Dixon

Crossin Dixon at the Beechwood

Crossin Dixon managed to bring an over-capacity crowd to Vicksburg’s Beechwood Lounge Saturday night in spite of a frog-strangling downpour earlier in the day. The rain finally let up by mid-afternoon and the fans turned out en masse. By Wednesday afternoon every available table at the Beechwood had been reserved, by 12:00 Saturday night the room was at capacity with people lined up waiting to get in. Crossin Dixon played a high-energy show ranging from classic country to rock that kept the crowd partying until nearly 3 am.

Crossin Dixon came together after the three founding members, Jason Miller, Charlie Grantham and Brandon Hyde, repeatedly crossed paths while playing in two different bands. After the two bands experienced some personnel changes, the three musicians decided to put something together on their own, that partnership turned out to be advantageous because it resulted in a self-titled debut release that spawned two charting hits. They are scheduled to be back at the Beechwood April 21st, so mark your calenders and call ahead for a reservation.

February 4, 2012

Visit Crossin Dixon’s website here.


An interview with Hillbilly Delux’s Chris Stanphill

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Hillbilly Delux

Hillbilly Delux - photo by Keeta Waldrep Boston courtesy of Premier Photography

Some country tastes like bubblegum…ours tastes like GASOLINE!”

~ Hillbilly Delux~

Hillbilly Delux is a hard rocking country band from Muscle Shoals, AL. They are playing at The Icehouse in McComb, MS Friday night and at Whiskey River Saloon Saturday night. The following is from an interview with bassist Chris Stanphill on February 9, 2012.

Has Hillbilly Delux had the same lineup since 2006?

The three of us have been together since 2006. The original 4 piece was myself and 3 others that wanted to start a heavy, hard-rocking country band. Kind of a cross between a Garth Brooks live show with a Waylon Jennings attitude and a Metallica/Skynyrd sound. I’m the only one left from that core group. Terry (Harvey) came in when we went to 2 guitars and Craig took over the front-man duties not long after that. I’ve been doing this since the late 80’s, and this is the first ensemble I’ve been with that has that kind of stability. That’s a rare thing in this business.

You’re listed as living in Golden, MS. Is everyone else from the Muscle Shoals area?

Terry is from Leesville, LA and currently resides in Hinsville, LA., it makes rehearsals interesting. I actually live an hour from the Shoals, and have spent most of my life in the area. The rest are from the surrounding area.

You’ve done some benefit shows for Wounded Warrior Project in Leesville, LA, how did you get involved with WWP?

The guy that put on the concert for WWP in Leesville was a former band-mate of Terry’s. He called, we went. We support our troops every chance we get, and always give them a shout out at every show. We also try to shake the hand of every vet that comes to a show. We’re pretty passionate about those guys and gals. We haven’t done the WWP since 2008, but we do events closer to home. We try to do at least 4 benefits per year for various vet organizations, Cancer Awareness, The American Heart Association, and local folks that are in need of help regarding medical costs.

Do you prefer clubs or larger crowds like festivals and the WWP benefits?

We’ve played for 5 people, 500 people, and up to 20,000 people at various clubs and festivals. They all get the same show. Clubs give us the chance to hang out with the fans personally. Sometimes we’ve gotten to meet their kids. The festivals and larger events are not as personal, but just as fun. We also play Broadway in Nashville at least twice per year at the Cadillac Ranch. The most fun was playing the Riverwalk Stage in Nashville during the inaugural Music City BBQ Festival in 2009, 20,000 people and a 50’x 100′ barge stage… We rode the kiddie train down to the stage, and left on it when we were done. We’re just a bunch of guys that get along well, love to put on a show, and have a ball doing it. We’ve gotten to meet thousands of people, and make many new friendships that still last to this day. We’ve been lucky that we get to do what we love for a living. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Hillbilly Delux pinstripe image
Hillbilly Delux – Dirty Country

Visit Hillbilly Delux’s website here, their Facebook page here and their reverbnation page here.

Their 10 song CD, “Dirty Country” is available at and and they have a 5 song EP that is currently being shopped around Nashville.

Road Gear

Chris Stanphill also serves as the band’s booking agent.

Chris can be contacted at (662)279-3830


Mark Du’Velle Doyle

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Mark Doyle
Mark Doyle, guitarist for Little Richard and The Blues Dudes

Mark Du’Velle Doyle is the guitarist for Little Richard, has recorded two solo CD’s and will be playing in Vicksburg at The Upper End this Friday night with his band, The Blues Dudes.  The Blues Dudes lay down a tight set of blues and rock with a mile-wide groove, covering classics like American Woman and a burning version of Hoochie Coochie Man.

Mark was born in Chicago, IL a town that is historically famous for influencing the blues musicians who migrated there in the 30’s and 40’s where they took the blues from the delta and created a more urbanized, electric sound.  He started playing when he was 8 and learned from a host of various influences. Then, in 1986, he made a move that was the reverse of Willie Dixon’s 1936 journey, Mark left Chicago and settled in Vicksburg, MS where he continued to hone his guitar chops on the rock-hard delta blues. That move filled out a missing chapter in his music education. “Playing the blues,” Mark says, “taught me how to feel the music and play from the heart.”

Mark was introduced to Little Richard, The Architect of Rock and Roll, in 1999 by David Adams, a friend of Mark’s, who was the sound man for Little Richard’s band at the time.  Little Richard flew Mark to L.A. to audition and he’s been playing with him ever since.  Mark has appeared with Little Richard on Jay Leno, David Letterman and several other national venues, the most recent being the PBS 4th of July Celebration, A Capitol Fourth, in Washington D.C.

The Blues Dudes

The Blues Dudes

The Blues Dudes are:  Mark Du’Velle Doyle on guitar, Jack Cuthrell on bass and Mike Brown on drums, and they have been playing together for over 20 years.  The familiarity and comfort level that they’ve achieved over the years allows for a lot of spontaneity and improvisation.  Their shows usually include a couple of Mark’s original songs from his first solo release, Mr. Robin’s World, along with a selection of covers.

Mark is a perfectionist in the studio, he puts a big emphasis on crafting tight, complex songs that aren’t repetitious yet are still emotive and listenable.  Mark sings all the vocals and plays almost all the instruments on both of his solo releases.  Michael Brown, veteran player and fellow Blues Dude, handles drums and percussion. Michael has also played with Little Richard, Bobby Rush  and several other notable heavy-weight talents.  When asked about their songwriting methods, Mark says, “The music comes first, starting with bass and drums.”   He and Michael jam until the groove feels right and they ‘lock in’, then, after nailing down a rhythm that they are satisfied with Mark starts adding his guitar parts.  He waits until the music is together before thinking about lyrics and adding vocal tracks.  He has an economical and efficient work ethic, his first release came together in a week; the second release took twice as long.  There is a minimum of ‘studio trickery’ on his music, the one thing that you don’t find on these recordings is auto-tune, and I thank him for that.

Mark says that Vicksburg has a lot of good local talent but it is a hard town to find a place to showcase that talent.  There aren’t many venues here that feature live music and fewer still that do it consistently.  There are a couple of places that have ‘open-mic nights’ and jam-sessions, but paying gigs are hard to find.  There are a few popular local bands that have been playing the area long enough to have built up a staunch following, the people who organize the festivals and local events recognize this and keep these bands in constant rotation but newer bands have an uphill battle just trying to get their foot in the door.  It stings for local musicians to be passed over for festivals in favor of hiring non-local bands who play the same songs.  The people who make up the music community here are friendly and supportive of each other; some have talked about putting an annual festival together just to showcase local bands, and that would be worth seeing.

Mark’s latest CD, Thinking Of You  on the Police Records label, was released in January, is a blend of rock and funk and is available at It takes a subtly different direction than Mr. Robin’s World, which was a little harder and aggressive and possibly doesn’t have the focus that Thinking Of You does.  Some of the differences could be attributed to the improvements in recording and engineering technology in the nine years since the release of Mr. Robin’s World but Mark doesn’t totally agree.  Mark says this about the differences:  “You learn from the mistakes on the first one; it’s just two guys playing, not much more than that.” While listening you’ll recognize the diverse influences in Mark’s music, you’ll catch a hint of Prince and Lenny Kravitz at their guitar-riffing best, then he reaches into his groove bag and brings out some classic R&B and silky-smooth funk reminiscent of The Brothers Johnson.  Mark also cites as some of his influences:  24-7 Spyz, King’s X, Jimi Hendrix, Fishbone, Living Color and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.  You won’t find anything weak or thin anywhere on Thinking Of You and when you get to the song Third One From The Sun stand back, the guitar solo is a scorcher.  This CD will make you move.

Be sure to visit Mark’s page at Now let go of that mouse, get off your phat azz and go to a show!